2019-2020 MA Material Futures thesis project
Drones @ Home is what happened when the coronavirus crisis disrupted life and work in the spring of 2020.

As the textile industry transforms to be more sustainable and circular, I propose the use of microdrones as digitized actuators for weaving and knitting fabric on-demand.

2015 - forever
It started with scraps of linen and silk I brought home from work. I pieced my first quilts together on my living room floor in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

While living in LA from 2015-2018 I expanded the Lovelyskybed universe,  centered on my defining obsessions with zero-waste design and celestial coziness for everyone.
I now offer quilts for sale online at www.lovelyskybed.com and also at occasional ‘quilt party’ trunk shows in friends’ homes.

Custom quilts can be ordered in all sizes from baby to king.

Nonna and Days in Los Angeles also stock quilts from time to time.

2019 MA Material Futures client brief + Swarovski

As telecommunication moves along the electromagnetic spectrum to higher-energy, shorter-wavelength frequencies, what happens when it reaches the visible light spectrum?

The first Li-Fi lamp I developed in response to this question consists of a welded steel frame, an acrylic shade shaped by laser-cut kerf-bending, and a simple Li-Fi circuit.

This circuit is an illustration of wireless communication using the visual light spectrum, also known as Li-Fi, a term coined by Prof. Harald Haass.

2019 MA Material Futures client brief + Baume
Exploring a new future for high-tech hemp; combining craft and advanced processing to develop a monocomponent material that meets the requirements of a circular product lifecycle.
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